bogieThe Observer yesterday published a huge list of works of art considered overlooked by public figures from all walks of life. (The only reason I think it would be fun to be famous is because you'd get to talk about the music you listen to, and the movies you like, and the books you read, and people might actually check them out. And then, presto! An audience for the stuff you love.) Each work is accompanied by an explanation of sorts, which makes the list much more interesting than most of its kind.

Among the films mentioned are Rene Claire's Le Million, Nicholas Ray's In a Lonely Place, the inevitable Heaven's Gate, The Mother and the Whore, and The Right Stuff, which TV critic Kathryn Flett considers "one of the greatest movies ever made." I guess I need to see that one again.

If The Observer called you up and demanded a pithy blurb for their feature, what film would you rave about?
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