Note: This review was contributed by Ryan Stewart.

Is the importance of the box office on the decline? Probably so, as evidenced by the fact that tinseltown’s prime movers have not yet gifted Rachel McAdams a plum role in an above-board feature. It has to happen sometime. She, along with Lauren Ambrose, is one of the five most interesting young actresses around, and she would seem to be Julia Roberts’ natural inheritrix, only with more earthy beauty and without that buffalo-fried, I-done-passed-the-GED-ma wingnut smile.

Wes Craven's trajectory to the top has not been as inevitable. He began with vomitive fare like Last House on the Left, which would seemingly delegitimize any director, but he survived and moved on to the Invincible Killer genre with A Nightmare on Elm Street and its offspring. Written off in some quarters, he had a late career revival with the genre vinaigrette film Scream, equal parts comedy and slashery. With Red Eye, he's turned in a similar, yet different direction, by giving us two genre movies attached at the hip, a la From Dusk Till Dawn. I was entertained by the first and bored by the second.