A piece in this morning's NYT looks into the new trendy audience for niche film marketing – you guys! The idea is that the blog audience, which Nick Denton already told us is young, rich and sexy, is also more receptive to risky content, and "more likely to take action" when it comes to clicking on ads. This is why Focus Features is not only flooding the blogosphere with ads for The Constant Gardener, they're tailoring those ads (full of taglines like  "The conspiracy is global") to what would seem to be an oxy moron: the consumer with demonstrable "distrust for multinational corporations". THINKfilm's ads for The Aristocrats take the blog ethic to another level, with ads that invite the user to directly participate in the film by entering their "Be An Aristocrat" submit-your-own-joke contest.

So this puts two ideas in my head. First, with an audience of thousands of blog readers at my disposal, I feel I have to ask: are you more likely than the average internet user to click an ad? And do you distrust multinational corporations? And will that have anything to do with whether or not you go see The Constant Gardener, a film that's getting great buzz but which our reviewer savagely destroyed?

And second, we'd just like to remind Focus, THINKfilm and any other distributors who are comtemplating a bandwagon hop that Cinematical has a rapt audience of hundreds of thousands of viewers, and is just one of 100 blogs in a network that gets 1 million hits a day. Information on ad sales can be found on the right of the page.
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