pythonBecause I'm a moron, it never occurred to me to wonder about that castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I guess I just assumed it was cardboard, or MDF on a set somewhere. Turns out it's a real place! In Scotland! And it's over 600 years old! Ahem. The great thing about this place is that they keep a set of coconut shells behind the reception desk in case Python fans forget their own and want to gallop about like King Arthur himself. This makes me likes the Scots.

Last year for the first time, Historic Scotland (which manages the castle) went even further than coconut shells:  they created an official Monty Python Day. The event drew nearly 1500 fans from all over the world, numbers that rendered the affair a bit chaotic. This year, attendance is limited to 500, which should make things much more manageable. Starting on September 4, attendees will be treated to professional re-enactments of Holy Grail scenes that took place at the castle (farting, taunting, cow-launching, etc.), a singalong, and of course a screening of the film. Plus, each person will be given their very own set of coconut shells. Man, I bet it's already sold out, too.
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