atomIt's official:  Atom Egoyan'sWhere the Truth Lies has been hit with an NC-17 rating. Though acceptable cuts have already been made to several scenes, that pesky threesome is really causing problems. It turns out that, as Egoyan mentioned at Cannes, there's just too much thrusting, because "anything over three thrusts and you're in trouble." The problem for Egoyan, though, is not a simple matter of his irrational affection for thrusts six and seven. Instead, the issue is a technical one:  for the increased comfort of the actors involved, the scene was shot with a single camera. As a result, Egoyan has nothing to cut away to, were he to remove an offending thrust or four.

Though weeks ago ThinkFilm indicated that it would distribute the film unrated (an approach that is proving successful with The Aristocrats) if it was labeled NC-17, it turns out that was just a lot of talk. The rating will be appealed.