Victor of Corpse BrideI must be getting old. The Web site for Corpse Bride, which IGN Filmforce previewed last week, is finally live in all its Flash-based glory. Like the trailers for the Tim Burton film, the Flash site looks simply exquisite. The details are stunning. However, I grew annoyed after five minutes. I don't want to have to wade through a number of screens to see the trailer, or play a darts game in a simulation of the movie's pub in order to view special clips from the movie. (Admittedly, I suck at darts.) I prefer straightforward, easy-to-find navigation on Web sites. Fortunately, the non-Flash area of the site has navigation for us impatient old cranks.

By all means, visit the Flash site to enjoy the pretty visuals, but expect to wait a short while for scenes to load, and prepare yourself to hunt for Easter eggs and hidden mouseovers to find information about the movie, music and video clips, and screensavers. Also, the site may be live, but it's not quite complete, so don't get irritated if you hunt and click and wait and find a "Coming soon" message. Corpse Bride's theatrical release date is September 23.

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