FandangoAlthough I'm not such a huge fan of their advertisements (those puppets freak me out), I happen to wind up using Fandango quite often to purchase my movie tickets ahead of time. Sure, there's an extra fee, but in New York City, you can count on there being a ridiculous line at the theater. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the online auctioneer, eBay, is looking to cash in on the Fandango crowd and vice versa.

For example: Over the weekend I told you about how Jennifer Aniston's underwear was stolen from her trailer while shooting The Break Up and sold on eBay. Well, if the movie were in theaters now, then people looking to buy tickets on Fandango would be treated to eBay ads featuring Aniston memorabilia – like the underwear. The same thing would happen if you were searching eBay for items pertaining to a new release and so on. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I will not be bidding on any of those scary puppets should one be made available.

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