hpI think the internet might suffer an overload:  the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer is online! As rumored, it looks like director Mike Newell has brought a greater darkness to the series. Additionally, the effects look like they might be (hopefully) slightly less cheesy than they were in the previous films. Also, this just in: Daniel Radcliffe is older. I could tell by his trendy shaggy hair.

I had to laugh while watching the trailer because, as someone who has neither read the books, nor sat through a whole Potter film, I had no idea what was going on. Harry was under water, there were some Klan-looking guys, a big stadium, talk of eternity, and a cute Asian girl (which totally threw me off because my impression had been that the Harry Potter world was pretty much all white, all the time). As far as I could tell, it seems as if Harry gets involved in some sort of Wizard Running Man competition. While this sounds fairly promising, I feel like I would have heard if that was actually the plot. Am I close at all? [via The Movie Blog]
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