• Fox and Universal have made a final deal with Microsoft over the Halo movie. They'll pay Bill Gates and friends $5 millon against 10% of the gross, and the film will premiere in 2007.
  • Anna Paquin is packing up her mutant suit and heading for more heady territory (she *is* and Oscar winner, remember?) She'll star alongside Matt Damon Mark Ruffalo in Margaret, to be directed from Kenneth Lonergan from his own script, about a New York teen dealing with her role in a terrrible accident. The picture starts shooting in Manhattan next month.
  • Jodie Foster is totally back. With Flightplan soon in theaters, and Spike Lee's Inside Man in production, she's adding yet another new project to her slate: The Brave One. Foster will play "a woman who struggles to recover from a brutal attack and sets out on a dark, psychological and physical journey for revenge and justice."
  • Antoine Fuqua will try to wipe King Arthur off his resume with By Any Means Necessary, an action pic where police ask the mafia to help then thwart a terrorist attack. Has it come to this?
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