Land of the DeadUniversal will release George A. Romero's latest zombie epic Land of the Dead on DVD on October 18. This might be a good chance to catch the movie since it left theaters so quickly. Despite its dismal box-office showing, both rated and unrated versions of the DVD will be released. However, the R-rated version will be released only in a full-screen aspect ratio, which seems a bit unfair to anyone who wants to watch the actual theatrical release. The unrated version will be released in anamorphic widescreen and is four minutes longer than the theatrical release, although there's no word yet on what those four minutes contain. Both versions of the DVD include audio commentary with Romero, producer Peter Grumwald, and editor Michael Doherty; deleted scenes; and several "making-of" featurettes, including one called When Shaun Met George. (Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright from Shaun of the Dead have cameos in the film.) DVDAnswers has more details and an early draft of the DVD cover art.

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