Oriental TheatreLast week Jette wrote about EW's list of the Ten Theaters Doing It Right, and how their unique amenities are what's separating them from the pack. One theatre, The Oriental, is proving to be worthy of such a title by appealing to the video game addict in all of us. Along with The Downer, both Milwaukee-based theaters are now equipped for video game play. At $125 for the first hour and $100 each additional, folks can rent the space and utilize it to enjoy some of their favorite games on the big screen. Talk about a birthday party that absolutely blows the "mini-golf extravaganza" out of the ballpark.

Sure, its "wicked cool," but an attraction like this can also help in marketing a film as well as the video game based on the film and vice versa. How sweet would it be to watch Fantastic Four on the big screen, then get to play the game on that same screen? It's a great way to not only intensify the gaming experience, but also draw people out of their homes and back into the theatre – ya know, if they like playing video games. But who doesn't?

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