War of the ScreenwritersScreenwriter Josh Friedman (The Black Dahlia) recently decided to follow the trend and start his own screenwriting-related blog called I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing. Friedman, like many screenwriters, has done a lot of work on scripts that never got filmed and, therefore, he doesn't have a lot of writing credits. So when he wasn't slated to get credit for a film he'd written in early drafts, he went to arbitration to include his name on the film. After all, it was a pretty big-name movie: War of the Worlds. His two-part story about the arbitration and then the film's premiere is a must-read for anyone interesting in writing screenplays.

One important lesson: "If you're a screenwriter you're a screenwriter and if you want people to give you love at your premiere you better bring 'em with you." That's probably true for most writers, except maybe J.K. Rowling and Stephen King. But then King's Misery has shown us that famous writers can get a little too much love. I think I'd rather be obscure.

[Via Metafilter]
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