Tom SizemoreIt's too bad because, for awhile, I really liked Tom Sizemore. He brought a sort of calm edginess to each of his roles that not many actors can pull off. However, when you're addicted to drugs and dating a Hollywood Madam, things don't usually go your way. Roles disappeared, money vanished and soon after appearing in Saving Private Ryan, the actor needed saving from himself.

A few domestic abuse charges and parole violations later, now Sizemore is currently stationed in a rehabilitationcenter until his prison sentence kicks in. Yet, for the recovering everything, it can't feel good to know that while you're in jail, a sex tape with your face is raking in the bucks online.

Seems the same company that (made?) Paris Hilton is now selling a sex tape featuring Sizemore with an assortment of women. Although aware and not ashamed of the tape, he does feel entitled to some of the profits. "Tom said, 'It's the maraschino cherry on the banana split that's been my life'." Yeah, but too bad that banana split doesn't come with a "get out of jail free" card.

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