nikiIf it weren't for Tom Cruise, at least one 20-year-old Chinese girl would never have never have done anything with her life, least of all write six books, come to the US, and post several vaguely cheesecake-y pictures on a press release website. In fact, Tom has been such an inspiration to her that Niki Yan has written a book (sort of) about him. It's called My Love for you, Tom Cruise -- a Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession. Honestly, it really is. And she's serious about the desperation part because, to hear Niki tell it, it's a miracle she learned to walk in those dark BT (Before Tom) days. That day, nine years ago, the sun shone on young Niki for the first time. "Tom Cruise," she says, "to me is like Scientology to him." [Insert your own "they're both crazy" joke here.]

But, Tom-haters, don't fear, because the book is for everyone, not just his fans! A very, very confident Niki explains that, really, her book is for everyone. "As long as you ever had or still have a dream, you got read it. It's so inspirational, and it's going to change your life." [via Defamer]
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