tidelandHere's a phrase I never thought I'd see:  "a crime drama starring Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, and Justin Timberlake." Turns out such a film not only exists (it's called Edison) but is also high-profile enough to be selected to close the Toronto Film Festival. Go JT.

Running this year from September 8-17, Toronto will offer 256 feature films, including 137 world or international premieres. Among the premieres will be Deepa Mehta'sWater (which opens the festival), Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist, and the Terry Gilliam film that's not a special-effects spectacular, Tideland. Additionally, there will be a special emphasis on Chinese films at this year's fest, in twin recognition of 100 years of film in China and 35 years of relationship between China and Canada.

It's truly mindblowing how many amazing films - old and new - are at this thing. If you're anywhere near Toronto, go see something.
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