idiAngry at the fact that his dad is depicted as an occasional cannibal in the new film The Last King of Scotland, Idi Amin's son Taban has announced that his family plan to sue the film's producers for defamation. Furthermore, the Amins are ticked off because no one asked them if they could make a movie about their dad/husband/brutal dictator. I honestly have no idea what the legal situation is here. I mean, if someone made a movie about me without permission, I'd be pissed (particularly if I was shown eating human flesh). But I'm not a former dictator who tortured and killed up to 500,000 of my own citizens - does infamy put people in the public domain?

Anyway, the film's seemingly bizarre title refers to Amin's ambition to unseat Queen Elizabeth as ruler of Scotland. Who knew? (Personally, I blame my surprise at this on Barbet Schroeder, whose documentary on Amin was totally devoid of Scotland references. Damn you, Barbet.)
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