Song Of The SouthThe folks over at the super-thorough Song of the South fansite,, tell of work over at Universal Cartoon Studios (UCS) on a project called Brer Rabbit, based on characters from the unavailable-in-the-U.S. Disney film from 1946, which were based on Southern folk stories compiled and popularized by Joel Chandler Harris. UCS, the company that produces the neverending Land Before Time series, sees franchise potential in this retelling of Harris's "Uncle Remus" stories. The movie will reportedly feature the voices of Danny Glover, D.L. Hughley, Wayne Brady and Wanda Sykes. No word yet from as to how effective their 65,000+ name petition has been in persuading The Mouse to finally release the "controversial" film, but considering that the its 60th anniversary is in 2006 and Disney's considerable success in packaging similar bygone content in their exhaustive Walt Disney Treasures DVD series, fans will likely soon be in for a "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" day.
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