Bill MurrayWhile shooting a scene for the recently released Broken Flowers, Bill Murray reportedly threatened to stab a crew member with a knife. According to cast member Pell James, the ruckus began during the flower shop scene when a PA located nearby was chatting up his walkie-talkie a little too loudly.

"Bill Murray and I are doing the scene, and he's like: 'All right. Excuse me one moment,' and he grabs this switchblade on the counter. "Then he runs out the door, up the street, and then we hear him say: 'If you don't shut the f**k up, I'm gonna knife you.'...Then Bill comes back in, casually puts down the knife, and says: 'Where are those flowers?'"

Now that's a deleted scene I'd love to see show up on the DVD. Man, if only we could get that PA to lay down some commentary beside it. Ya know, if his mouth hasn't been forcibly stapled shut by now.

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