Rachel McAdams in Red EyeUSA Today's box office report includes some statistics from Universal Pictures and DreamWorks about the top two weekend moneymakers: a lot of women were in the audience. Universal reports that women comprised 54 percent of the weekend audience for The 40-Year-Old Virgin. DreamWorks reports that 58 percent ofRed Eye filmgoers were female. USA Today also reports that women have made up most of the audience for the financially successful summer comedy Wedding Crashers.

What's the reason? Was it Steve Carell's innocent face on the Virgin poster, and were women drawn to the "sweet center" of the comedy, as Universal spokespeople allege? Could be. Perhaps it's because theaters weren't showing any of those patronizing "just for the girls" movies to flock to see, full of multigenerational groups of women eating cheesecake and dancing around and sharing advice about the menfolk? Or maybe it's because many women like comedies and suspense films just like many guys do, and didn't find Bewitched all that appealing. Red Eye has a strong female lead, unlike most other movies released this summer. Any other theories? What do you all think?