Martin and Novak in Kiss Me, StupidThe AV Club has posted a list of "Ten Notorious Flops Worth Seeing." These are films that everyone dismisses as awful, and which bombed at the box office, but which the authors think we should reconsider and rent on DVD. Heaven's Gate and New York, New York are obvious choices but ... Freddy Got Fingered? I think I'll pass. And I don't think you could pay me to see Roberto Benigni in Pinocchio.

Although I like the idea of the list, I'm not sure I'd want to see any of the films on it. Several friends have recommended Joe Versus The Volcano, but I think it's too late for me to watch that movie – I've developed a Meg Ryan allergy. I also notice that the list doesn't include any pre-1970 films.

Which movies would I have included on a list of unfairly slandered films? I immediately thought of Kiss Me, Stupid, generally considered Billy Wilder's worst film, which was branded as tacky smut during the heyday of sophisticated Sixties sex comedies. It's worth a second chance for Dean Martin and Kim Novak's performances, although I think Ray Walston was a poor casting choice. (I wish someone would unearth the footage from the original choice for the lead, Peter Sellers.) Another film with a miscast lead that I think deserves another viewing is Oscar, John Landis's failed farce, because the supporting cast (Peter Riegert, Tim Curry) is so charming. But then I thought last year's Stepford Wives was unfairly maligned, so your filmgoing taste might not agree with mine. Which films would you include on such a list?

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