bollyReleased tomorrow, Bhaggmati - The Queen of Fortunes will be the first Indian-made film to feature substantial animation. (Or, as press materials called it, "the world's largest, classic animated film." What in the world does that even mean?) While there is some live action in the film, the bulk of the 160 minutes running time is animated. Bhaggmati is the story of a legendary, historical love story between Prince QuliQutab Shah and Bhaggmati, a dancer, and will feature Disney-style song and dance. The film has been in the works for over four years but, thanks to India's low-cost animation industry, cost less than $2 million to make. With release in Europe (dubbed into appropriate languages) beginning in September, producers see Bhaggmati as "a business presentation to the world," and hope it will bring foreign studios to India for animation services.