Narnia production stillsNew production stills from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe are popping up all over the Web. NarniaWeb added pages of them to an existing gallery, and when Twitch posted a link to these photos, the film's PR people sent them more photos to post on their own site. I saw the trailer in a theater last weekend and these photos capture a few scenes not in the trailer, like a gorgeous shot of Edmund in the White Witch's throne room. Also, the trailer doesn't show the Professor, so I didn't realize until now that Jim Broadbent would be in the movie.

I'm not sure how well the live-action talking animals will work for me personally. The Narnia books were some of the first fantasy novels I read, so I've got images in my head that it'll be tough to displace. I think the kids look just about right, but the White Witch (Tilda Swinton) looks a little too theatrical and almost goofy. Icicles growing out of her head? Yow.
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