onjI know we're all on the edge of our seats about this one, so here's the latest:  Oliva Newton-John's missing beau, cameraman Patrick Kim McDermott, was in the middle of a court battle over child support before he vanished. So the plot thickens! Sure, maybe something horrible did happen when he was out fishing, as everyone has been assuming since he disappeared six weeks ago. But! Maybe he'd just had enough of his ex-wife and her constant whining over missing child support and wanted a way to escape. Maybe being someone else suddenly became very appealing. And, you know, his identity wallet was left on his fishing boat. Could this be one of those leaving-your-old-life-behind-and-starting-anew-in-a-tropical-paradise situations that we know happen all the time because they're in movies? That would be so cool (in a sad, running out on a girlfriend and child-support sort of way)!

Also:  how long will it be before Lifetime makes a movie about this?
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