Junebug is a movie about the faces people show to the outside, and the people they really are inside. It conveys this theme without ever being formulaic in its portrayal of its characters, or falling into that indie-film trap of being quirky just for the sake of quirkiness. This is a subtle, quiet kind of film, the kind you'll be thinking about for days after you see it.  I had to let it stew several days, just to get a handle on what I thought about it.

Madeleine (Embeth Davidtz) is a Chicago art dealer who specializes in self-taught artists - specifically, self-taught artists who create edgy (some might say bizarre) "outsider" art. She meets the handsome George (Alessandro Nivola, who was also seen with Davidtz in Mansfield Park) at a benefit she's hosting for Jesse Jackson Jr. It's love at first sight for Madeleine and George - they get married a week later, we later learn - but what they have in common besides a strong desire to have lots of sex together remains a mystery.