Sin City might be the number one DVD in the country this week, but I keep hearing people bitch about what a scam it is that Dimension released a quickie version without commentary so that they can inevitably gouge consumers with a "Special Edition" a few months down the line. Well, consider that problem solved: The Spoilers have recorded and released their own commentary for the film in downloadable podcast form. You can listen to it at home whilst watching the DVD or, as Cory Doctrow points out, "you could even load it onto an MP3 player and wear noise-cancelling headphones to the cinema and get their commentary instead of the film's audio." Or, you could walk around town whilst listening to it, and pretend Rick and Bill are talking about *your* ultranoir life. But it'll probably just make you sad that you never seem to run into anyone as good looking as Clive Owen on the street.