scoutScout Taylor-Compton, who starred in something called Sleepover, disappeared from her parents' Southern California home a week ago. Taylor-Compton is just sixteen and is being called a runaway by investigators, who are assuming that "the teenager does not want to be found." Wow. I know it's weird for me to try to be thoughtful and serious, but I wonder what's going on with this kid. I mean, if she did run away, was it for some excitement, like Vegas, or a boy? Or does she feel like her life is so horrible that she just has to escape? I know kids run away all the time for all kinds of reasons, but when the kid in question is running away from the "glamorous" "Hollywood" "life" that disaffected teens the world over would give anything for, it makes you think. Or me, anyway. And I hope it makes that 8-year-old in Chicago who lives for her Teen People and Us magazines think, too.  (Of course, after all my heartfelt ruminations, it'll turn out that Scout is just on a bender with Tara Reid.)

Update:  there aren't any details yet, but she's been found, and there are no signs of any foul play. Thank goodness.
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