Jay C.Empire Online's interview with mercenary Dukes Of Hazzard director Jay Chandrasekhar revealed plans for him to reunite with fellow Broken Lizard conspirators Erik Stolhanske, Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme for another movie or two. The group wrote the largely unseen Puddle Cruiser (1996), the word-of-mouth favorite Super Troopers (2001) and the crime against all mankind, Club Dread (2004). The yet-to-be projects are tentatively called The Greek Road, which would be a road movie taking place in Ancient Greece, and Beer Fest, about the "secret underground beer games in Munich" (which supposedly has nothing to do with the tragedy at the 1972 Olympic games that Steven Spielberg will make oh-so-poignant-and-real for us all in his upcoming film).
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