kamikazeTokyo Governor ShintaroIshihara - an award-winning novelist before his entry into politics - has written and will produce a film called I Go to Die for Nothing But You, examining the lives of kamikaze pilots during World War II. The film will be based around a real-life canteen-owner known as the "Mother of the Kamikaze" for her close relationship with many of the young pilots.

While the film is expected to celebrate the heroism of the kamikazes - 4000 of whom are thought to have died during the war - Ishihara insists that his film will not "justify" the pilots or their actions. The governor is a strong nationalist, however, who on more than one occasion has been accused of racism and insensitivity to non-Japanese. As a result, there are concerns that his film may offend those whose lives (or those of relatives) were affected by the kamikaze.

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