• Anthony Hopkins and Demi Moore will star in Emilio Estevez's Robert F. Kennedy biopic, Bobby. The film, which Estevez wrote and plans to direct, will examine the interconnected folks hanging around the Ambassador Hotel the night RFK was shot there.
  • Actors Branch Governor Tom Hanks was promoted to vice president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Tuesday night in a massive voting session that also saw another governor, Kathy Bates, elected secretary. TV producer Sid Ganis was named AMPAS' new president.
  • New Variety slanguage alert! Ken Nolan just earned $3 million for his "scriptment" (halfway between a treatment and a script) based on Whitley Strieber's unpublished alien novel, The Grays.
  • "A film is in trouble when, despite the presence of an A-list cast and a well-regarded director, the best thing in it is a partly digitized bear." Leslie Felperin on Lasse Hallstrom's long-shelved J.Lo/R.Red flick, An Unfinished Life:
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