Angelina Jolie18-year-old Ethiopian girl Mentewab Dawit told British newspaper The Sun that she is the birth mother of Angelina Jolie's adopted baby, Zahara Marley. "It's true. I am her mother," Dawit claimed, after seing a photo of the child. "She's got my nose, my eyes, even my cheeks." Although little Zahara began her life under abject conditions as the result of a brutal rape, Dawit says she is pleased that her baby has a better chance at a good life with Jolie. "I want to ask just one thing of Angelina," Dawit added, "which is that she gives my child the education I would love for her. In the future I would like to know about her condition, but I will never try to interfere with their lives." Jolie, who starred in the summer (s)hit Mr. & Mrs. Smith opposite current beau Brad Pitt, adopted Dawit's baby under the assumption that she was an orphan.

[via WENN]
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