npAccording to The Guardian, Sandra Bullock has been carefully reinventing herself while we were totally ignoring her. Our bad - the ignoring stops this instant! Continuing her apparent bid to do fewer incredibly stupid comedies, Sandy has accepted the lead role in TriStar'sPremonition. She'll play a woman who sees her husband after he dies in a car crash (presumably up and walking around, as opposed to laid out in the morgue).

In other news, Natalie Portman will once again don period garb (though surely nothing quite as cool as her groovy Star Wars gear) in Goya's Ghost, to be directed by Milos Forman. Portman will play Goya's muse, though the musing has to stop when she's sent to prison for heresy (pesky Inquisition). StellanSkarsgård (who, like Goya, is a genius - should be a piece of cake for him) stars as the painter, but getting all of the prison screen time with Portman will be Javier Bardem, who will be play "a fanatical and powerful force within the Inquisition." Sweet.
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