In the Sun Times, Roger Ebert talks about the changing (or, more accurately, changed) crop of movie theaters in his beloved Chicago: "Just for the sake of nostalgia," he writes, "Let me name the theaters I remember: the Chicago, State-Lake, Oriental, Roosevelt, United Artists, Woods, McVickers, Clark, Monroe, Michael Todd, Cinestage, World Playhouse, Loop, Bismarck Palace and, oh, a place called the Shangri-La that materialized out of a Chinese restaurant, showed some porn and disappeared." Those were all in the downtown loop alone; as he points out, the only place to currently see movies in the Loop is at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's newish Gene Siskel Film Center. The movie theaters have been largely replaced by "legit" theaters, and moviegoing has moved uptown.

It may not be what it once was, but I have great memories of seeing movies in Chicago. In fact, I often think of moving back there just for the movie theaters alone. I guess I should stop that sort of dreaming, because it looks like most of what I loved as recently as five years ago no longer exists.

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