WitnessIf you're looking for a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film Witness, then why not consider a tour throughout the mysterious land in which it was shot? The Witness Movie Experience Tour (not making that up) was started as a way to pay tribute to the Harrison Ford classic as it round the 20-year bend. Although it may sound a bit bizarre, when the film debuted in 1985, not much was known about the Amish. Who were they, what were they and how come there were no Marty Mcfly posters on their walls?

Shot on location in Lancaster County, the world soon became mesmerized by the Pennsylvania Dutch and their way of living life minus, well, everything. Tour, which runs twice a day on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays through November 1st, gives folks a first hand look at Amish life through the Lancaster Heritage Museum as well as the farm in which the film was shot. Here's my favorite part: "Afterward, it traverses other country roads back to the visitors' center and passes through the village of Intercourse, where other scenes were filmed outside a general store."

So let me get this straight; the Amish live in a village called Intercourse? That's bizarre for so many different reasons. Oh, and before you go all PC on me for poking fun at the Amish, don't worry – it's pretty safe to say they're not reading this.

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