TruAin't It Cool News tells us that Sony Classics has posted a trailer of their upcoming Truman Capote pic, Capote, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as the In Cold Blood writer (opening in limited release on September 30). While various actors have portrayed Capote in bit parts over the years, he has only been portrayed in one feature-length film to date, the "American Playhouse" production Tru in 1992 starring Robert Morse. However, Capote, who also wrote the chestnut Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961), is the subject of another upcoming film,  Have You Heard? and is a featured character in another, The Hoax. With the exception of Morse (whose performace has gone largely unseen as Tru is unavailable on home video), none have been very memorable, though Hoffman has the chops and the unsettling edge to play the conflicted writer .

Fans of the author and film geeks, what do you think? Is Hoffman a good choice to play Capote, or would you cast someone else if you had the choice?