nicWandering about in New York City one morning, Nicole Kidman happened to glance at her New York Post and noticed a story about a six-year-old fellow Aussie who was in NY getting treated for cancer. Because she's famous and famous people can do whatever they want, she picked up her phone, made some calls, and moments later was at the boy's bedside. Since the kid is six, it's unclear if he knows who Nicole Kidman is - but things must have gone ok, because a few days later she came back and took him to see The Dukes of Hazzard. Wait. Maybe they didn't go ok. She took a six-year-old to see Jessica Simpson's ass? Oh dear.

But it turns out this is not a normal six-year-old. Oh no. When asked about his plans for the future, the boy "told Nicole that he had two wishes: to beat cancer and meet Angelina Jolie." Oh my lord. Ok, first of all, you're staring Nicole Kidman in the face - don't tell her you want to meet some other, more famous chick. Second, how in the world is a six-year-old kid aware enough of Angelina Jolie to want to meet her? And does he think she's hot? Because, um, ew. Nicole, however, refused to judge the boy or his desires, and promised to bring Angelina by the next time she's in town. Keep your eyes peeled for updates - maybe he'll ask to go see The Aristocrats with her.
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