mansonMarilyn Manson, who was recently named an "Icon" at rock magazine Kerrang!'s awards, has announced that he plans to leave the music biz. "But Marilyn," you say. "Why would you leave a business that you love, and fans that adore you?" Why, to direct, of course. Well, and to produce. Marilyn's got big plans, apparently, though he hasn't yet offered to share any details. It's safe to assume, though, that he will not be directing the next Harry Potter film - it turns out that Manson has moral problems with the character. Seriously. "I get blamed for being bad but this kid is practicing witchcraft from a very early age which is totally unacceptable." It's totally impossible for me to tell here if the British press are carefully ignoring the fact that the man's tongue is firmly in his cheek, or if he's actually upset about this. Either way, though, the thought of Marilyn Manson curled up at home with a Harry Potter book is pretty great. Especially when he gets upset and hurls it against the wall.
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