Mr. reports that The A-Team icon Mr. T (aka Lawrence Tureaud) has signed on to reprise his Rocky III role as Clubber Lang in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone-penned Rocky VI. Rocky regular Burt Young (Paulie) is also due to return, though there is no word as to whether or not Burgess Meredith, who died in 1997, will return as a zombie/ghost/hallucinatory version Rocky's first trainer, Mickey Goldmill (death did not stop Sir Laurence Olivier from appearing, 15 years post-mortem, in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow). In that it has been 15 years since Rocky V, do you think that Stallone will play it safe with the nostalgia card and go after his aging fan base, or will he take a chance and try to reach out to their kids? Same question goes for Rambo IV, which actually starts lensing in January 2006. Considering Stallone has joined the ranks of the direct-to-video unfortunate with the likes of D-Tox (2002) and Avenging Angelo(2003), is he even relevant anymore?
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