ruskie parnIn yet another insanely great story out of Russia, MP AlekseiMitrofanov has completed the shooting of a much-anticipated porn short that just happens to star characters who look like and share names with the (female) prime minister of Ukraine and the Georgian president. This, people, is why I freaking love Russia. Imagine, if you will, this happening in the US. Ted Kennedy, say, producing a bit of porn about a prim and proper southern lass known as "Liddy D." and an older, uptight gent with square glasses whom she calls "Donny R." The mind boggles. Larry King's head would explode just trying to figure out who to interview, while impeachments, lawsuits, and accusations of helping the terrorists would fly thick and fast.

But in Russia, aka the craziest, scariest, greatest place on earth, Mitrofanov is actually indignant about being criticized. "The film is about politics," he insists. "It makes a political statement, they don’t just [have sex]." Mitrofanov goes on to compare his film to Oliver Stone's JFK, and the recent The Interpreter. Those films, he says, are considered "big cinema" and not propaganda - why is his masterwork treated differently just because it happens to feature politician look-alike boobs and wangs? Mitrofanov seems to think he has a great future in filmmaking (whether he plans to limit himself strictly to political pornography remains to be seen) and at the very least is not lacking in confidence. "This is big cinema," he blustered, "and I am a great master." Dude certainly is obsessed with the size of his cinema, isn't he?

I wonder if ThinkFilm will pick this one up - it'd probably fit in well with right after Where the Truth Lies.
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