tomIt's those damn internets again - spreading hurtful rumors, as usual. This time, it was a Toronto newspaper publishing a fake interview with Tom Cruise that started all the trouble. In the interview, Mr. Totally Sane Guy announced that he was Shakespeare in a previous life. Back in those glorious times when women suffered postpartum depression alone and without treatment, Fake Tom reported that he was much happier than he is today. Not only did he write plays and sonnets and whatnot, but he also did some thing that have so far not been reported as typical Shakespearean activities - you know, things like "conquer[ing] nations, discover[ing] continents, and develop[ing] cures for diseases."

But just when we were starting to think that Tom actually might be an interesting guy, His People had to step in and denounce the story as "
a total fabrication." Stupid killjoys.
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