Dirty Dancing is a significant movie from my past, and not because it was good, and not because I enjoyed it all that much. Simply, the movie was just always on. In fact, when I think back on my childhood all I can picture is Patrick Swayze lifting Jennifer Grey out of the water. Swayze has a knack for getting himself into bad movies like Road House and Dirty Dancing which reach a surreal level of mediocrity that tends to mesmerize me. The final "dance off" scene where Swayze shimmies down the aisle takes lameness to an almost artistic level. Apparently I'm not the only one who can't shake the shadow of Dirty Dancing. Swayze claims the movie still attracts female fans of all ages. And that "lifted out of the water" scene I mentioned? One poll in the UK named that scene the greatest in the history of Hollywood. I guess you can't argue with poll results.

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