moronNever a paper for caution and restraint, the New York Post today offers a quick round-up of the films/actors/directors it arbitrarily has decided have good chances to win a little gold statue. Since studios know that no one in Hollywood can remember things for more than 20 minutes and therefore save their best stuff for November and December, the feature also serves as a reminder of all the Big Films due out at the end of the year.

While there are definitely a few things I'm excited about it - Good Night and Good Luck, for example, is going to have to get really terrible reviews (I'm talking like Gigli bad) for me to avoid it, as is The New World - there's also a depressing amount exactly what you'd expect.  Oh look, everyone! Here comes Steven Spielberg with another Important Message Picture! Because we all need him to teach us morality! Yipee! And oh yay, another sweet comedy-drama from CamereonCrowe, who'll win his second best screenplay Oscar for pandering! Woo hoo! Film (re)adaptations of big Broadwayhits? Can't wait!

Sigh. I can't be the only person here who finds this stuff incredibly depressing, can I? Hello? Bueller?