ennioEnnioMorricone tours? I had no idea! And not just little tours - this one apparently began in Italy three years ago and is about to hit South Korea, complete with 90 musicians and a choir of over 100 voices. Morricone will conduct the crew in a concert at the massive (at least for a cert of movie music) Seoul stadium that hosted World Cup soccer games in 2002. How cool is it that there's enough interest in EnnioMorricone in Korea to book him into an outdoor arena? Wow.

In advance of the concert, Morricone will also appear at a film festival in his honor. The festival will feature (not surprisingly) a series of films that he scored, including Once Upon a Time in America. The entire program was selected by the public via online voting which, again, is pretty awesome. (Less awesome is that the public chose Love Affair - the 1994 version - as one of the films, but at least they cared enough to vote.) Has this tour ever hit the US?
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