malleMan, I move to New York for the movies, and Boston starts exploding with retrospectives. I may just need to hit the road again. First comes the Brattle Theater's "Complete Kubrick" retrospective, which begins Friday with a screening of Killer's Kiss. Including all of Kubrick's features (apart, oddly from Fear and Desire, which Kubrick himself later dismissed), the series is a great chance to catch up with the rich, incredibly diverse (who else would have followed A Clockwork Orange with Barry Lyndon?) work of a true master - and to remind your friends that he did more than just Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket.

Also this fall comes the Harvard Film Archive's look at Louis Malle (in cooperation with the Boston's Museum of Fine Arts), about which their website is infuriatingly lacking in details so far. Starting September 1 and running for more than a month the series is, by all accounts, truly exhaustive. It will feature not only Malle's best-known works (from My Dinner with Andre to Au revoir les enfants) but also a slew of rarities, including the more than six hours of the documentary Phantom India. Malle fans, try to pace yourselves - eyes can bleed, you know.
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