While Dreamworks and FOX have certainly found a niche with their animation divisions, Pixar remains, to me, head and shoulders above everyone else. The studio's knack for putting story ahead of effects, even when the effects were jaw-droppingly amazing, such as Sully's individually animated hairs in Monsters, Inc, is what all animation studios should strive for. Unfortunately, Pixar is also a business, and that became clear recently when the company reported lower earnings than originally forecast in the second quarter. Allegedly, Pixar lowered their estimate when video sales of The Incredibles were much lower than expected. While Pixar claims no wrong doing, the Securities and Exchange Commission has requested information from Pixar anyway. This hasn't helped shares of the film company, which dropped about 2.5 percent. Pixar insists the request is informal, but at the same time have refused to comment further.

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