Stanley KubrickOne can only imagine what Stanley Kubrick would be up to right now had he not passed away six years ago. Recently, his family has uncovered "the director’s screenplay, movie treatment and notes for an unmade three-hour epic on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte." These gems, along with other rare finds are included in a new book, The Stanley Kubrick Archives.

With Bonaparte, Kubrick had every intention of creating what he hoped to go down as the greatest movie of all time. Unfortunately, with a studio not willing to take a chance as well as other projects taking precedence, the epic was never made. If anything, Kubrick will always be known as a director who became his films. The man didn't care about box office or video sales because he treated each masterpiece as if it were the most important thing in the history of his life. Perhaps it was the intense detail built into his films that turned some audiences away. However, it is that attention to detail that will ultimately help Kubrick reach legendary status, if not there already.

I've always wondered what AI would've become had Kubrick been in charge instead of Spielberg. Would it have been darker? Sexier? With this new book, hopefully we'll be able to explore, with wonder, what never was as well as cherish a man and his brilliance.

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