sven!According to The Observer, there's been a bit of a run on soccer/football films lately. If three can be described as a run, I suppose they're right. First, there was Kicking and Screaming (not exactly a work of brilliance, but the article rightly points out that a few years ago it would have been about baseball or American football - never soccer), and coming soon are both the hobbit hooligan picture Green Street Hooligans and Goal!, the story of an American kid's rise to the Newcastle United first team. (As a longish-suffering Newcastle fan, I can tell you right now that if the kid is a striker, we'll take him now. Can the actor play? Sign him up.)

That's all well and good, right? Exciting, even, to the soccer freaks among us. But what brought me up short was this bit of the article:  "Over the next year, Spike Lee is set to turn his passion for Arsenal into a film about football in America." What?!? Spike Lee a) has a passion for a soccer team, and b) he supports Arsenal?! When did this happen? And is it a deep, dark secret that he only talks about in Europe? Rarely has news about a celebrity confused me more - Hugh Grant and the prostitute? Whatever. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Sure. But Spike Lee an Arsenal supporter? I need to go lie down.
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