nightProduction has reportedly started on M. Night ShyamalanLady in the Water, his first effort for Warner's. Though a comment on an earlier post about the film suggested that it would have religious themes, in reality it seems to be pretty solidly all about bedtime stories. Shyamalan wrote the film for his kids, and it centers around a man who rescues a young woman who turns out to be, um, a character from a bedtime story. Like most bedtime story escapees, she's just trying to get back to bedtime storyville.  Later, somehow, it's revealed that everyone living in the building managed by the rescuer is actually in a bedtime story. Whoa. (Is this a huge spoiler that's totally ruining the movie for everyone? I certainly hope not, but perhaps it's foolish of me to assume that Warner's wouldn't include such Giant Twists in their press materials. If they have, it's going to be totally their fault when no one is surprised.) Perhaps I'm just a really big 8-year-old, but I think that sounds potentially really cool and - dare I say it? - magical. The film stars Paul Giamatti, Ron Howard's kid, and Jeffrey Wright and is due out sometime next year.
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