rhunterWhen I first clicked on this story, I was totally stoked:  a beautiful woman publicly saying that an actress is too thin? Boy, do we need more of that. Especially from people like Rachel Hunter - as far as I'm concerned, the best thing about Dancing with the Stars (apart from Mr. Peterman) was watching her total lack of shame about her incredible, curvy body. Hey, America, did you see that? I bet she eats tacos! And three meals a day! And she's gorgeous, for heaven's sake.

Anyway. So I was thrilled that this woman was calling Teri Hatcher out for apparently refusing to feed for the entire run of Desperate Housewives. It turns out, though, that Rachel isn't upset with Teri because what she's doing is unhealthy. Instead, she just thinks that it makes her face look old. Which, you know, isn't exactly the angle I was hoping for. Apparently Catherine Deneuve thinks that "as a woman gets older, she has to choose between her face and her bottom." While I just find that befuddling, Rachel says means you either deal with some weight and still look hot, or you turn into a stick with a scary face. But unless I missed it, there's no mention there of, say, your body consuming muscle for energy and destroying itself from the inside, or the incredible damage all of these scrawny women are doing to the psyches of teenage girls. Damn.
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