Well, I was wrong. Despite Friday estimates that indicated otherwise, The 40 Tear-Old Virgin earned $16.4 million and remained the number one movie in the country this weekend. The Steve Carell-starring dude com beat out Terry Gilliam's abysmal The Brothers Grimm, the week's widest new release, which came in at number two with $15.1 million. This is not a terrible opening considering the awful buzz around the film and that fact that the film is, well, fairly awful; and, interestingly, it's 50% more than Gilliam's last completed film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, made in its entire run. Elsewhere, the Piper Perabo pic The Cave did predictably poorly, scraping together just $6.2 million to open at number six. And it's stil really less the Summer of Slump than the Summer of the Sleeper, as The Wedding Crashers crawls closer to the $200 million mark (it should get there in about 10 days, I would say) and March of the Penguins continues its unlikely assent up the top ten chart.