anitaDespite its long history as a filmmaking Mecca, Rome has never had its own major film festival. While it has been home to a handful of minor fests (including the Rome Independent Film Festival), the city has largely been content to take a back seat to Venice when it comes to the international festival scene. If rumors are true, however, this situation could soon change.

Reports are that Rome's mayor has launched a feasibility study exploring the possibility of a Rome Film Festival, and has already asked a pair of prominent Italian film critics to start planning the event.
Organizers hope to draw films away from Venice by offering the stability that they say has been lacking in their neighbor's festival in recent years. What gives this rumor even greater credence than the (always-promising) feasibility study is the recent admission by Robert DeNiro that he and his Tribeca Film Festival are currently working with Rome on the possibility of a bringing the city a major festival of its own. So it sounds like it might actually be more than a pipe dream.
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